Great learning software, excellent tutorials

  • Hello, just wanted to say thank you for the very nice work on Basic 256. I am trying to teach myself (age 48) and my son (age 12) about programming. We like the short list of commands (non-extensive but adequate). We have found the tutorials to be excellent (clearly written, very short and covering only one new thing at a time).
      One suggestion (from the novice's viewpoint): It would be helpful to have an example in the documentation with each command. For example the documentation gives this description for the Goto command:
                       "Command     Goto
                        Format      goto label
                        Description Jumps to the specified label."

    As a beginner I don't know the syntax for a label. By looking at sample programs we discovered it's a user defined word with a colon after it. I would be nice to have it in the documentation for quick reference -we tend to forget easily).

    Thanks again,
    Plymouth, Indiana, USA

    • drblast

      Thanks for the message and a great suggestion.  I'll be updating the documentation and tutorials in the coming weeks, and I'll try to include plenty of examples.

      Have fun!

    • Basic 256 homepage links to tutorials 1-4 & 10.  What about tutorials 6-9?  Any help?

    • I had the same question.  As I understand it the other tutorials will be added in the next week or two.