Deb or PPA?

  • Ubuntu users seem to be stuck with 0.9.2 and I'm finding it very buggy - namely frequent freezes mentioned in another thread - and according to the reference, Basic256 seems to have moved on quite a lot since this version. Would it be possible to get the latest version released as a Debian package or a PPA setup?

  • Jim Reneau
    Jim Reneau

    I suggest that you download the source from SVN.  I am running the current dev under 9.10 without any lockup problems.  I will try to make a gz this week.
    If you can create a deb script I would use it for releases.

  • Thanks for the reply. I'll look into this.

  • I compiled the latest source (from the download page). It ran without freezes. I tried things that would always freeze the Ubuntu version, such as commenting out lines, and got no problems. I then went to the 0.9.2 branch and compiled that - strangely (well possibly) that ran without freezes too. An interesting issue that I'll investigate further -  the line: 'print mid("Hello", 2, 3)' from the documentation would crash (crash, not freeze) my 0.9.5 when ran whereas my 0.9.2 would be okay.

    I'll put together some .deb packages soon. Hopefully I'll be able to host these on Launchpad.

    A tip for those trying to compile on Ubuntu: you might need to issue the command 'qmake-qt4' instead of 'qmake' - or it might default to Qt 3.