Kiax ver 2.0 Released

Happy Greetings!

Finally, Kiax ver. 2.0 has been released. We hope this release will be useful for most of you for everyday usage. We haven't yet reached the complete feature set of the old 0.8.x series but we think it is more important to ship what we have stable and continue development by adding the missing functionality (i18n, multiple accounts, call transfer and finer settings). During the beta period we had cleaned up some annoying bugs for which we'd like to thank everybody who participated.

We have built Kiax for the three most popular platforms and ready-to-use packages can be downloaded from the links below. Linux packages are built with static linking which means we have now only one binary ready to be deployed in the directory of your choice. Dynamically linked binaries will be available as distro packages in a later stage. Mac OS X binaries are available in two options: 1 - A stand-alone binary which has Qt 4.4 built in (10MB compressed image file), 2 - a binary which expects Qt 4.4 to be present as installed framework (only 1.3 MB of download).
Here are the links:

Linux Download:

Windows Download:

Mac OS X (x86) Downloads:

Have fun! And remember, feedback is always welcome!

Kiax Development Team

Posted by Emo 2008-09-24