Kiax Status Update


I just want to make an update on the status of Kiax. Recently a complete rewrite of Kiax has been started. It includes two main parts - a Core (eventually LGPL licensed, yet to select appropriate open source license) which is basically an abstraction layer for signaling and persistence and a GUI (GPL licensed) which will completely use only QT4. It has already reached a level which would allow in a short period of time to make it available on SF. Once this comes true SVN and the web page will be updated accordingly.

Some features which the new version of Kiax will include are:

* All features the old Kiax had +
* Modularized signaling, persistence, configuration, contact handling and CDRs
* Pluggable adapters for signaling, contacts and CDRs
* C++ API
* SQLite backend for storage and querying of data, used by the persistence module


Posted by Emo 2008-02-19