Local (direct) calls

  • Hi,

    Last time I've accidently found Kiax and it's very interesting software. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make local (unauthorized) calls (e.g. p2p calls or dial at guest account - e.g. guest@host/s). Everytime connection is made by authorized account.
    Thu May 5 17:04:55 2005 IaxWrapper::event_state() call info 0 : remote=guest@, remote_name=szpak:xxx@autorized.callcenter.pl/guest@, local=szpak, local_context=default

    Is it possible with Kiax? (in iaxcomm for example every "number" ended on "/" is treated at local (direct) call).


    • Emo

      Yes, you just create an account with empty IAX Server field. Then contacts' numbers and the number entered in the textfield are interepted as valid IAX URLs. This was done so first to hide the complexity from the user and secondly in order the user to be able to create more than one account of type p2p - for example you can do several p2p accounts with different CallerIDs and different codecs.

      • It works. Thanks for answer.