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Kiax constantly polling server on linux

  • Derek Clarkson
    Derek Clarkson

    Hi all,
    Kiax is working just fine on my Ubuntu notebook except for one thing. When it's running it's constantly generating network traffic polling the server several times a second. The concern is that if we start using it here on several machines it will clog the network with pointless traffic. Here's a tcpdump from when it's running:

    20:22:15.262939 IP > UDP, length 12
    20:22:15.263128 IP > UDP, length 12
    20:22:16.138995 IP > UDP, length 12
    20:22:16.139140 IP > UDP, length 12
    20:22:16.199009 IP > UDP, length 12
    20:22:16.199158 IP > UDP, length 12
    20:22:16.451007 IP > UDP, length 12
    20:22:16.451181 IP > UDP, length 12

    Anyone know why this is happening or how to stop it ?