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Problems with R on Windows


  • Anonymous

    When running the latest version of KH Coder on Windows 7 64 bit, I will try to use a feature that requires R, and I get a pop-up saying "Failed in plotting with R". The application console says "Could not get Version Number of R...", both at startup and when the feature is tried.

  • HIGUCHI Koichi
    HIGUCHI Koichi

    Thank you for your post!

    The application console says "Could not get Version Number of R..."

    It means that KH Coder cannot start R and cannot utilize R at all.

    You can try these steps:
    1. Temporarily disable all of your security / anti-virus / anti-spyware programs
    2. Re-start KH Coder
    3. Execute functions that require R

    If it will not work, I currently don't have any possible solutions. You can try finding it on your own, or try KH Coder on other Windows PC.

    Last edit: HIGUCHI Koichi 2013-02-08


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