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  • Anonymous

    Hi I tried to follow the example of data preparation, but returns an error:
    "Failed in acessing MySQL database system.
    KH Coder will exit now.
    List DBs."

    What am i doing wrong? By the way i'm using windows 7.

    Thanks a lot!


  • Anonymous


    Please, I also have a question regarding an error that I get when I try to open my txt file.

    I was using KH coder for some weeks, without having any problem. I didnt change any folder location, any file... nothing.

    However, lately I am getting the message I attach in the email when I try to open the txt to proceed with my analysis.

    Any suggestion why this happens?

    Thanks a lot for your always very useful help!


  • HIGUCHI Koichi
    HIGUCHI Koichi

    Hi, thank you for your post!

    Hmm, can you open other projects? And before this happens, did you see any error messages in pre-processing? Also, do you have enough free space on your HDD/SDD?

    It seems that there are no data in MySQL database for this project. But MySQL is pretty reliable and it is not supposed to happen without any error messages, I think...

    Anyway, to perform analysis, please make a copy of the data file and save it as different name. Then make a new project with the copied file in KH Coder, and try running pre-processing. If KH Coder itself is not damaged and there is enough free space on the disk, it will work in this way maybe.



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