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Tree [r680] /

File Date Author Commit
Docs 2011-05-14 kochol [r465] DynamicHardwareBuffer added
FlashControl 2011-09-07 kochol [r532] Bloom effect added.
Headers 2012-11-19 kochol [r672] Deferred shading added and performance is growi...
Include 2012-12-09 kochol [r678] Working on enabling shadow maps on deferred ren...
KGE 2010-04-27 kochol [r243] Working on Refraction effect
KGELUA 2007-12-07 kochol [r93] Working on KGELUA.
Libs 2012-05-09 naderg [r635]
Source 2012-12-10 kochol [r680] A new way to store normal. store position depth...
Video 2008-11-21 kochol [r151] Timer bug fixed
XPSM 2012-10-19 kochol [r660]
branches 2011-03-20 kochol [r395] New folders for new design added
shaders 2010-01-09 kochol [r209] Shaders
tag 2011-03-20 kochol [r395] New folders for new design added
trunk 2012-06-07 kochol [r647] Working on FileSystem
KGE 8.sln 2009-09-16 Kochol [r168] The first basic test for new tile terrain algor...
KGE 8.vcproj 2012-05-17 kochol [r638] Blend in TileTerrain2 is now better
KGE 9.sln 2008-10-18 kochol [r141]
KGE 9.vcproj 2010-02-03 kochol [r221] Multi streaming design added.
KGE.cbp 2008-03-02 kochol [r121] linux
KGE.sln 2008-09-17 kochol [r140]
KGE.vcproj 2008-09-17 kochol [r140]
KGE_10.sln 2011-03-09 naderg [r376]
KGE_10.vcproj 2011-01-30 naderg [r333]
KGE_10.vcxproj 2012-10-30 kochol [r666] Deferred shading added.
KGE_10.vcxproj.filters 2012-04-14 naderg [r622]
ReadMe.txt 2007-03-24 kochol [r1] SVN created.
work.txt 2011-05-17 kochol [r472] AnimatedMeshs now works with material system.

Read Me

    STATIC LIBRARY : KGE Project Overview

AppWizard has created this KGE library project for you. 
No source files were created as part of your project.

    This is the main project file for VC++ projects generated using an Application Wizard. 
    It contains information about the version of Visual C++ that generated the file, and 
    information about the platforms, configurations, and project features selected with the
    Application Wizard.

Other notes:

AppWizard uses "TODO:" comments to indicate parts of the source code you
should add to or customize.