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#7 Clean the registry after deinstallation!

Peter Bensch

Found KGB Archiver not that effective as described
(e.g. 10 times compression time vs. 5% more compression
ratio), so uninstalled it again. Fortunately I saved
the differences of the registry before and after the
installation, so I could check, if the uninstallation
procedure would recover the original state - but it
doesn't! It seems just the files and the uninstall
entry has been deleted. The following keys are
leftovers of KGB Archiver and should be deleted while

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\KGB Archiver]

The following key (not necessarily on everybodys
computer) has been changed during installation, but the
original state was also not recovered:
Original: "WinZip"
Changed to: "kgb_arch_zip"

Sorry dudes, it is very important to know, that your
software is not the one and only on someones computer!
Please take care of all the guys out there trusting you
and recover the original state after removing!
And - please do not change registry classes from
another, maybe important application without asking the
user for approval.

Good luck, Peter