#3 backlight keeps flashing with OZ 3.2


When keyz-zkb is installed, the backlight keeps
flashing with OZ 3.2 until any other key is pressed.

jens_z@liebchen-online.de (hamsta)


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    Teporary workaround (other than to not installing keyzb):
    Set "Auto Repeat Delay" and "Auto Repeat Period" both to
    2000 ms.
    Then after you have hold the menu key and the light went
    off, _shortly_ press the key again. And again to close the
    menu that opened.

    Of course this effectively makes any key repeat
    functionality unusable. But who really needs that anyway.

    And more "of course" it would be nicer if this program was
    actually maintained and either key-repeat was
    switch-off-able or wouldn't effect the panel keys.

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    After reading about bug 699882 I found even a temporary fix
    not only a workaround by editing the configuration files:

    vi /opt/QtPalmtop/lib/zkb/common.xml
    Replace the "autorepeat=true" in that line with
    [For people not used to vi:
    Position the cursor on the 't' of true
    4 times 'x'
    Enter "false"
    'ESC' (on the zaurus that's the Cancle button on the front)
    'Shift Z' 'Shift Z'
    You might want to do the same for the "Calendar",
    "Adressbook", "Menu" and "Mail" entries.

    Two minor problems:
    1. If you use these keys for anything in a game, holding
    them down probably won't work anymore. But you could
    probably write a keyboard-profile for that, just copy the
    old entries into an xml file.
    2. You can't switch the light twice in a row without
    pressing a different key in between, i.e. <Menu button long>
    will switch off the light, but an immediate <Menu button
    long> again won't switch it on again, you have to press
    something else in between.