#1 Troubles with fake 'extended' keys


PS. I love the tool, its the only one that's capable of
dealing with my keyboard of all that i tried.

However, there is some weird behaviour concering
certain buttons that appear to behave as if I was
using/combining already existing keys. For example,
there is a Close Window button, that is identified as
Alt+F4 (it actually worked out of box).

But assinging any keycode to their scancode in any of
the keytouch-editors ends up re-assinging the alt-key
rather than the combination of keys. Which is
understandable, and I can work around these keys by
just assigning some program to execute with those keys
pressed. (using gconf in metacity)

However, it gets more complicated when also metacity
doesn't see it as a combination key but as a sequence
of keys. My log-off button for example, generates a
Meta-L, followed by, i believe an the up-key and then
the enter-key. A sequence of keys that (under windows)
would log off the user.

Would it be possible in future releases for keytouch to
support these sequence of keys. There does not seem to
be a pause between the generated scancodes.

It took a bit of trail and error to figure out which
keys are real extended keys, and which are just
simulated by a sequence that would perform the required
action on windows.

Sorry for long report, but I wanted to be thorough
about what I meant. I do understand that is problely
not possible (and/or will require a big 'hack' of the
current system).


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    It is a very ugly trick that is done by your keyboard. What
    is the manufacturer and model name of your keyboard?
    I think this will not be supported in the future because it
    is not a very common think. I hope you will understand this.
    Supporting sequences of scancodes will make it possible that
    the user can put his/her own key press combinations in the
    keyboard file. So the user will have too much freedom which
    will end up in a mess.
    Thanks however for reporting this.

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