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Trouble with Cherry CyMotion Master Linux

  • Jacek Ruzyczka
    Jacek Ruzyczka

    Hello everybody,

    I'm trying to get my Cherry CyMotion Master Linux KB (German locale) run with KeyTouch on openSuSE 11.0 / x86_64...but instead of making the various hotkeys run, I only get a wave of error messages when starting keytouch_init:

    veteran:~ # /etc/init.d/keytouch-init restart
    Shutting down keytouch-init                                          done
    Starting keytouch-init                                               done
    keytouch-init: Failed to set keycode:
    keycode 217 to scancode 229 (0xe5)
    keytouch-init: Failed to set keycode:
    keycode 161 to scancode 240 (0xf0)

    /* many such messages following */

    veteran:~ #

    What's going on here? Anybody who knows a solution? Thank you.

    Jacek Rużyczka

    • The current keyboard files for the Cherry CyMotion keyboards will only work when your keyboard is connected via PS/2. So that's probably the problem.
      You can make it work for USB, by opening the keyboard file in keyTouch-editor (the latest version) and assign to each key the "usb-code" by clicking the "Change..." button and then pressing the key.
      After you edited the keyboard file you can import it in keytouch.

      - Marvin Raaijmakers