New version: 1.7.1

  • Hello
    I have just registered in sourceforge because I have seen there is a lot of activity around this program.
    Like most of you I use a lot KeyNote, at home and at work.

    I wanted to add a few new features I missed, and so, last year I decided to modify the program. The last version I knew of KeyNote was 1.6.5. I have created a 1.7.0 and then 1.7.1.

    The first difficulty was to get all compiled ok: some of the 3rd party components were missing in the source available at Marek's web. After 'googling', and adapting certain code, of KeyNote and 3rd party to Delphi 2006 (the compiler of Delphi I have), the project compiled ok.

    Finally I have added some new features. I tried to contact with Marek but I couldn't. None of my emails had response:

    Hello Marek,
    My name is Daniel Prado and I'm contacting you in relation with keyNote application, which development I am trying to take up again.

    I use KeyNote a lot, mainly at work as I find it a very useful application, for many reasons (its flexible, quick, etc.) But there also are aspects that could be improved and new functionalities to be added. For my own use I miss a number of characteristics, wich I would like to add. In a future I would consider developing some of those included in version 2.0.

    I have created a new version compiled using Delphi 2006 from the last version of source code you have available in your web page (1.6.5). Once it was successfully running added some new characteristics and solved some little errors.

    In relation to these added characteristics I distinguish the following:

    ** Selecting checkboxes for all nodes (View/Tree Checkboxes -- now View/All nodes Checkboxes) is still posible. Besides, checkboxes can be shown only on children of selected nodes (Children Checkbox)

    ** Capacity to work with hidden nodes. Nodes can be hidden in two ways:
    --- Activating a mode wich automatically hides checked nodes (Show or Hide checked nodes)
    --- Filtering one note's nodes or all notes under a searching criterion (Filter Tree Note)

    ** Possibility of setting alarms on nodes

    On the one hand I find it logical to send you both the new executable and the source code. I would also like you to suggest me how shoud I give publicity to this new version (and future ones). Where should I upload the source? Where the executable?
    About licensing and author rights: I understand you are the main author and for that reason I only appear as responsible for the changes from version 1.7.0
    Anyway, my intention is to agree with you how this subject should be done.

    (I have no experience in MPL or GNU licenses)

    By now I have just generated a new executable (keynote.exe). Although I have also updated kntutils.dll to Delphi 2006, I have not still added any new functionality and since the original DLL is lighter I keep using it instead of the new one.

    I have not still created any instalation project. Could you provide me the project you prepared?(with InstallShield, I suppose)?

    If you would like to see this new version of KeyNote please let me know where can I send it.

    Waiting for your comments
    Yours sincerely
    Daniel Prado

    At this moment I have no intention in continuing with this version of KeyNote. I still use it a lot, but I have decided to create a new application, with a different design.

    However, I think many of you might want to try this new version, and perhaps continue modifying it.
    Can someone tell me where should I upload the source, and the executable?

    Is it possible to attach a file in this forum? I could upload some images of the new version with the added features.
    From the modified History.txt (in spanish, I have not traslated yet, sorry):

    25 November 2007 - version 1.7.1
    * Añadida la posibilidad de establecer alarmas, asociadas a nodos

    13 November 2007 - version 1.7.0
    * Corregido un error que podía afectar tanto a las búsquedas como
      a las exportaciones o al envío de email. En algunas raras ocasiones
      el contenido de un nodo podía provocar que el mecanismo de búsqueda
      se "bloqueara" en ese nodo:  el contenido del nodo es volcado sobre
      un control auxiliar; para algunos contenidos (muy pocos y raros)
      una vez volcados en el control auxiliar éste no podía ser limpiado
      ni reemplazado. Se ha adoptado una solución de compromiso: cuando
      esto ocurre simplemente se elimina y se vuelve a crear nuevamente el
      Lo extraño es que este comportamiento se daba con cualquier control
      temporal que se crease (TRxRichEdit,   TRichEdit, TTabRichEdit), pero
      no si como control auxiliar se usaba ActiveNote.Editor u otro editor
      de otras pestañas. No he llegado a encontrar ninguna propiedad establecida
      en ActiveNote.Editor que justifique la diferencia de comportamiento.
    * Cambiado el comportamiento de ESCAPE en la ventana Scratch. En lugar
      de pasar el foco al control de edición de la nota, minimiza KeyNote.
    * Se mantiene la posibilidad de seleccionar Checkboxes para todos los nodos
      (View/Tree Checkboxes -- Ahora View/All nodes Checkboxes) y se añade la
      de poder mostrar Checkboxes sólo en los nodos hijos de uno dado.
      (Children Checkbox)

    * Corregido el error que hacía que se perdiera la marca de check al mover
      un nodo. Ahora se mantiene tanto si se realiza mediante drag and drop
      como con Shift, también se respeta si se trasfiere el nodo (o subárbol).
      De momento, si se mueve un nodo con Checkbox hacia otro que no muestra
      checkboxes para sus hijos tampoco se mostrará en éste (aunque la marca de
      check no se habrá perdido)

    * Añadida la capacidad de ocultar nodos. Esto puede conseguirse de dos formas
    ** Activando un modo que oculta automáticamente los nodos chequeados
       (Show or Hide checked nodes)
    ** Filtrando los nodos de una nota o todas las notas en base a los criterios
       de búsqueda (Filter Tree Note)

       En las búsquedas (y filtrados) es posible indicar si se quiere o no
       considerar también los nodos ocultos.
       Al seguir un favorito que apunte a un nodo oculto éste se hará visible.
       Los nodos ocultos (por estar chequeados y aplicado el botón Check Hidden Nodes
       o bien por haber sido filtrados) no impiden realizar cualquiera de las funciones
       que se pueden aplicar a un árbol.


    • I have put a serie of images and a little more information (spanish) on this blog:

    • denyo

      I cannot see the images in your blog.

    • denyo

      Btw is there a download of this new version available?

      • I wan't to offer the new version but I don't know where to put it. Could I put it in this project of KeyNote of or it would be better to create a new project?
        What do you think?

        • denyo

          I guess that would be up to you. If Since this is open source application there is no problem with forking the code.