Linux/Unix Versions

  • briantm

    I have... it's a bit slow to load on my machine (which is a decent spec) and suffers from the usual problem of not being able to minimize when running beryl, which I've found happens with anything I run through wine.

    Would it be possible to re-compile the code for linux, or is there alot of debugging necessary when thais done?

  • Richard Maurel
    Richard Maurel

    keynote was developed with delphi and I don't know if marek (the author) planned to port it on Linux with Kylix.

       Anyway, I plan to recode it totally with FPC (Free Pascal) and Lazarus (an open source clone of delphi). I have not the time for the moment but in a couple of monthes I will begin it. If some of you are interested and can/want to help me, they are welcome !

  • briantm

    I'm sure you'll at least find plenty of people willing to beta test for you here.

    You can count me.

    If only I could program I'd help with that too.

  • Take a look at free Notecase program at
    There is even a Pro version (commercial) that can import Keynote document.

    • Ken Rushia
      Ken Rushia

      Interesting find miro, thanks!  I'm adding NoteCase to my list of programs/code to check out regarding the future of Keynote.

      • Rex Karz
        Rex Karz

        I've already investigated NoteCase and found it wanting.
        It has zero print capability. That was a show stopper for me.

    • Rex Karz
      Rex Karz

      About NoteCase...

      I have converted my Keynote data files to NoteCase. Here's how:

      Export the Keynote file using the File->Export dialog.
      * Keynote's Export dialog *MUST* have these options set:
      * -- Source. What to export: ALL notes
      * -- Format of exported files: plaintext
      * -- Directory for exported files: ... your choice ...
      * -- Include Note Headings off.
      * -- Include Node Headings on, with optional data: "@@@ %L %D"
      * note: do not specify the quote marks in the dialog

      Process the exported file using the conversion utility: knt2gjot2.
      The file can be found here:
      The .zip file contains a readme, source code (C), and a Linux executable.

      knt2gjot <keynote.txt >gjotfile.gjot2

      Now, import the GJot2 file using NoteCase's File->Import dialog.
      NoteCase imports native GJot2 files.

      Please read the fine print in the source file!


      P.S. This post is a dupe of what I posted to another thread, same project, different forum.