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See you in GOOGLE CODE

Issues and posts have already been migrated to Google Code:

There is a discussion group:

I will be glad to see you there.

Posted by Daniel Prado Velasco 2008-11-27

Google Code

I'm migrating to Google Code:
Issues in trackers (bugs, feature request,) have been moved to tab Issues.
Soon I will close Forums in SourceForge and move actual posts to a new Google Groups.

In the Google Code Hosting, KeyNote NF source code will be available through Subversion.

Posted by Daniel Prado Velasco 2008-11-26

KeyNote can use and show Tables correctly

There is a new version that improves table management. Now, it is possible to use and show tables correctly inside KeyNote.
- This improvement is available from Windows XP SP1, by means of "msftedit.dll"
- At the moment, to control the design of these tables you must use other programs like Excel
or Word and paste then into your keynote file

Posted by Daniel Prado Velasco 2008-09-28