TiK Update: Text Copy

For those not running under TiK under unix, the CVS tree contains a fix that allows you to copy text from IM, CHAT, getaway, info, etc. windows. Also, word is that TiK 0.90 should be released VERY soon (or I'm gonna tease Daspek until it does). Un-official pre-release containing this fix should be up on the TiK area here shortly. (Read more.)

The copy fix allows under users Windows, or any other non-unix platform that can't copy, to copy by selecting the text they want copied with their mouse. The sheer act of selection causes the copy. I set it up this way because it was the simplest. If anyone has problems, make them known and I'll see about another method.

Until unix gets tested, this fix is disabled. I just need to get my mouse working properly under OpenBSD before I can test it and see if this interferes with X in anyway. I also don't know if this was ever a problem with unix users, because X is able to perform the copy function whether or not the state of the window is disabled.

The fix performs its job by altering the window state to normal on mouse-1 down; copying the selected text and altering the window state back to disabled on mouse-1 release. This way, the dialog window shouldn't be altered like it can in a permanent "normal" state.

If you're running unix, and decide to test this out before I do, just uncomment the if construct from inside ui.tcl in the createHTML procedure like so:

# if {$::tcl_platform(platform) != "unix"} {
bind $w.text <Button-1> "$w.text configure -state normal"
bind $w.text <ButtonRelease-1> "event generate $w.text <<Copy>> ; \ $w.text configure -state disable"
# }

I received word from Daspek that his winter break is coming soon, so he's prepared to make the next TiK release then. I believe there's some away code he still wants to tinker with, as well as review everything in general before he commits to the release. So for those that I told two weeks ago that TiK would be released in a week, that's why I was wrong.

tikae 0.88.2 and TiK 0.90Pre63 should be available for download soon. They will contain the copy changes added to the current TiK CVS.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2000-12-11