Some information on kevora tasks (dup?)

  • Luca Benini
    Luca Benini

    I've sended the some following message to mailinglist but i'm unsure about successful send (i haven't yet received my message) however:

    I'm looking for some task to do, and I've some question about kevora open task:

    Task ID 151875,151874,151873 (Test and prepare Qt SqlDrivers Plugin)
    I see that it's completed at 50% but assigned to nobody. What's
    missing (sql drivers are already in kevora setup)?

    Task ID 151749 (Italian Translation)
    I see that it's completed at 25% but i wasn't able to find any file on
    cvs. This is a task where i can help (I'm italian)

    I none of the following task need help i think i can get Task ID
    152045 (Implement encryption/decryption of passwords).