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Kernelloader 2.7 Release

The kernelloader 2.7 is out for a long time and I marked it now as stable.
There was no complaining that DVD-R support is not working on any non-modchiped PS2. So this should finally work on all PS2 consoles.
The only thing which is unstable is the USB storage support in Linux 2.4 on slim v14+ models, but in Linux 2.6 it seems to run stable (this is still in development).

Posted by Mega Man 2013-06-15

Kernelloader 2.5 Release

Kernelloader version 2.5 has been released and is available in the Files section. There are some bugs fixed. Important new features are:
- Save game icon
- Virtual keyboard support and blinking cursor
- Extended support for Linux 2.6
- Better CD/DVD support for Linux 2.2

This release should improve support for SCPH-7000x v12/v13 consoles. But it seems to be now worse for all non european slim consoles. This will be fixed in the next release.... read more

Posted by Mega Man 2012-02-24