Updated TOC and free Kernel-docs on KernelBook

The project website (http://kernelbook.sourceforge.net) now sports a revised TOC which includes some of the proposed 2.3.99 changes ... I'm not 100% happy with the placement of some items, and there are other new services which didn't fit anywhere (an example is exec-binary) but its a start; comments are welcome. I have also updated the tools and contrib chapters (although Bug-Reporting and Oops Tracing are not finished)

Also, I have generated HTML and downloadable PDF/PS files from Tim and Alan's excellent new kernel-doc collection in Documentation/DocBook; these are not part of the KernelBook project, but I figure there will be plenty of people who won't know how to do the DocBook thing, and this will give them something to read until we have some initial chapters online. I also encourage all contributing authors and kernel developers to look over the kernel-doc process and the examples which Tim and Alan have created. This stuff is catagorically cool.

Posted by Gary Lawrence Murphy 2000-05-08