The Kernel Book Is Underway

After many months of planning and lots of explanations, the Linux Kernel Architecture Book project now has a place on the SourceForge, we have some contracts signed, over a dozen contributors, and we are working hard towards our first set milestone to have a chapter and a table of contents before Easter Monday. This book will be an experiment in many ways: It is a collaboration between a major publisher, and open source and industrial kernel programmers using the facilities of the SourceForge to manage a large book project in DocBook DTD. It is not our intention to produce another kernel API book; as the book unfolds, everyone is invited and encouraged to participate in the technical review: If you don't see what you would want in a kernel book, now is the time to say so --- our aim is to document the structure and interactions in the 2.4 kernel and to have a reference book ready for the shelves in time to be a stocking stuffer.

Posted by Gary Lawrence Murphy 2000-04-19