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release notes of all Kephra testing   versions

0.4.4 Acme {}
 * acme like mouse control
   + paste (left+middle)
   + cut (left+right selected left to right)
   + delete (left+right - selected right to left)
   + search (middle on slection) or goto last edit (if no text selected)
   + middle (insert slection) inspired by from emacs
 * better basic editing
   + toggle selection with ctrl+y
   + select content items with ctrl+shift+y
   + insert rectangular selections
   + move line tabwise left and right with <ctrl>+<alt>+<left|right>
 * new tools: 
   + copy surrounding quoted string
   + insert last used perl var in that block
   + insert time and date
   ~ moved to tools menu: autoindention, braceindention, bracecompletion
 + bug and request tracker links in help menu
 + zoom in, out and back with <ctrl>+<shift>+<+>,<ctrl>+<shift>+<-> and <ctrl>+<shift>+<#>
 + works also in output panel
   + note slection (shift+f12)
   + copy with left click on selection 
   + search selection with middle click
   + copy selection in output panel with <enter>
 ~ brace nav is caret pos aware (jumps from inside to inside or outside to outside)
 ~ replace to nothing enabled again
 ? 7 new tests, 17 reactivated
 " added keyword default to perl lexer def 
 ' updated keymap and navigation
 ' pod fixed by kristian++

0.4.3 SciTe
 * utf handling
   + open, change and save utf files
   + new document property: encoding
   + autodetect, read and write utf files
   + status field codepage
   [ added encoding menu under document > encoding
   ! conversion may still be problem
   ! utf menu label work again
 * Marker
   + goto prev|next [global], set/unset or delete marker
   + set/unset marker and bookmarks by mouse
   + session file stores marker positions
   [ marker nav in searchbar
   [ new bookmark icons (jenne++)
 + new tools
   + color picker
   + output selection in dec and hex
   + output %ENV 
   + notepad has line move and goto search bar
   ~ templates moved into tools folder
 + reworked UI
   + romanian localisation
   + loading statusbar from config
     + statusbar has context help while mouse hover
     " added keys app > statusbar > file and app > statusbar > node
     [ contextmenus are more visually synced with statusbar
   + new main window modes 
     + fullscreen mode
     + max editpanel mode (disables all bars)
     + transparent mode
     + you can combine stay on top and transparent mode with Ctrl+Alt+F11
     + end all modes with esc key
   ~ code folding changes
     ~ fold function from context menu respond to clicked location
     ~ change sibling to level fold
     ~ changed key binding, all function are now <strg|alt> [+ <shift>] + <+>
   + editpanel margin context menu
   + all context menu now are optional
   + switch menubar visibility
   + can assign icons to menus (currently on file open and close )
   + set search dialog transparency unter dialog > search > transparency
   + run script icon in main toolbar
   [ some icons reworked (jenne++)
   [ rearranged file and tools menu
   [ splitter are now without live update, has lot less flicker
   ~ autoconverts of EOL are now visible and easy to undo
 + save and restore textfold state in sessions and file history
 + writes files also in missing dirs
 + refresh autosaved configs after cpan update
 ~ line_nr margin width autosize works now per doc
 ~ current dir is now always synched with current file
 ' updated german help-forum link
 " different defaultsettings for new and opened files
 ! crash while folding
 ! all visual settings work global again
 ! all event react on selection correct again
 ! don't loose caret while find and defold
 ! fixed cursor pos on line move
 ! wrong tabbar content after some close doc events
 ! tab info chat in wrong tab
 ! bookmarks work again
 ! splashscreen works again
 ! fixed test suite

0.4.2 Phase 5
 * folding changes
   + fold all (alt+shift+plus)
   + fold recursively (alt+shift+minus)
   + key binding for fold ops: fold => alt+minus, fold siblings => alt+plus
   ~ fold mouse binding: left => here, midd => recursive, right => siblings, l+f => all
   + optional flagline shows where text is folded
   + option for keeping caret visible while folding
 + second fold marker style set editpanel > margin > fold > style to arrows or boxes
 + open online doc and native lang forum URL in default browser
 + convert spaces to its HTML entity
 + convert all ISO 8859-1 enteties except whitespace
 + display @INC pathes
 + recognizes now tab mode of opened file
 + file > defaultsettings > EOL_new can now be 'OS' => 
    new files have lineendings according the OS you currently run
 + note selection on shift+f4
 - no menu icons under mac
 ~ doc property bracelight is now view option
 ~ editpanel autofocus is now off per default
 ~ rearranged main app layout (no more icons on tabbar)
 ~ rearranged context menu of tab status bar cell, now with more items
 ~ config key app > panel > notepad > content renamed to content_file
 [ moving folding menu to fold margin in view menu
 [ unfolding when goto a hidden line
 [ can set text margin to width of 3 px
 ] define event groups
 ] new module Kephra::Document::Property for by user changeable doc property
 " some locale strings were translated to wrong language
 ! countless fixes, many from Andreas Kaschner++:

0.4.1 Kommodo Edit
 * code folding support
 + fold sibling nodes
 + intial norsk localisation
 + intial czech localisation
 + select interpreter with config key app > panel > output > interpreter_path
 + file missing dialog
 + commandlist cache
 + autopluggable localisation system
 + added config key editpanel > auto > focus
 [ editpanel context menus don't open over margin anymore
 [ cleaner search dialog
 [ darker (yellow) caret line (was nearly unvisible)
 [ less intrusive default color for folding markers
 [ less intrusive default color for line number
 [ find item history realtime update now works in search dialog
 ] new commandlist leaf: keycode
 ] reworked parts of Kephra::API::CommandList
 ] reworked parts of Kephra::API::EventTable
 ] renewed parts of search module
 ] rebuild notify dialog
 ] moving codepage setting from hard wired to config set
 " editpanel > margin > fold  is now a node that holds forecolor, back and visible
 ' updating key layout docs 
 ' updated roadmap in kephra.pm POD
 ~ close app key binding changed <Alt>+<F4> => <Ctrl>+<Q>
 ~ changed name convention for icons no more underscore => new-names.xpm
 ~ open binary files (only_text = 0)is now default, problems with utf files
 ~ activate UTF8 for Config::General when locale file requires
 - close all key binding changed <Alt>+<Q> 
 - removed stupid restrictions not to open emty files
 ! 14 bugfixes

0.3.10 Padre
 * notepad panel extension
 * output panel extension for perl programs
 + added Menu: Tools
 + added Menu: View > Panel 
 + avennue highlighter
 + BAAN highlighter
 + .bat highlighter
 + diff highlighter
 + errorlist highlighter
 + makefile highlighter
 + matlab highlighter
 + property file highlighter
 ~ added __WARN__ and __DIE__ to perl lexer
 [ splashscreen img and app icon now as xpm too
 [ + goto line icon
 [ fixed tabbar icon tooltip texts
 ] complete new starter
 ] internal file namespace cleanup
 ] renamed Config::Embedded -> Config::Defaults
 ] finished last Kephra::Config::Tree functions
 ] switched from YAML to YAML::Tiny (less code, less memory, all we need)
 ] making DragAcceptFiles optional because not supported by GTK
 ' added and extended POD for main and API Modules
 ' POD fix in Kephra.pm
 ' removed "all rightes reserved" 
 ! restore curser pos in current file after restart
 ! fix perl lexer color definition
 ! fixed about dialog
 ! crash on file open
 ! Gabor: optimized config file type recogition
 ! toolbar appeared in wrong status bar cell
 ! wordchar settings where missing

0.3.9 Firefox 
 + now complete embedded configs making Kephra selfhosting without config files
 + added pbp.conf according perl best practices
 + added replace selection into context menu over selected text in editpanel 
 + context menu over statusbar info field
 + <ctrl>+<A> works in searchbar
 + document switch  backs works out of search bar
 + added pbp.conf according to damians perl best practices
 - removed default global and interface conf, replaced by embedded conf
 - removed select app language menu
 - remove Hash::Merge and Clone as dependencies
 [ put file sessions menu out of file menu on top level
 [ put goto-line into searchbar
 [ folding the upper half of the view menu
 ] lot of internal cleanups
 ' formated and updated documentation 
 ? more compile tests for modules that arent loaded on start
 ! ignore in filechange notify dialog now works until next file change happens
 ! heavy bugfixing

 + move tabs with <ctrl>+<shift>+<pgup|pgdn>
 + Ctrl+Shift+G works from the searchbar input
 + position searchbar in the middle between tabbar and edit panel
 ~ change Switch doc back to <ctrl>+<shift>+<back>
 ~ move xml comment from <ctrl>+<b> to <ctrl>+<h>
 [ new splashscreen (finally one with the right name in it)
 ] wxperl 0.83
 ! very much bug fixing

 + autonotify (conf key file > open > auto_notify )
 + autosave (conf key file > save > auto_save )
 + Perl 5.10 keywords in the perl lexer
 + jump to doc begin and end from searchbar input whith <ctrl>+(<home>|<end>)
 + change doc from searchbar input whith <ctrl>+(<pgup>|<pgdown>)
 + added replace line Command to main menu: Edit > Line > Replace
 ~ changed tablabel configfile : prefix $
 ~ join lines now leaves a space between joined lines
 ~ join lines has key binding : <ctrl>+<shift>+<J>
 ' added POD documentation

 + blockformat <ctrl>+<shift>+<b>, menu edit > format
 + line wrap under menu edit > format
 + load and store a backup file session
 + firstname: new document property holds filname without ending
 + can use [$$firstname] as template variable too
 + reload templates on save
 + move document line and page wise from searchbar input
 + tabbar tabs numbering optional config key: app > tabbar > number_tabs
 + tabbar filename ending optional: app > tabbar > file_info = [first]name
 ~ renamed 'global\sub\localisation' to 'global\sub\documentation'
 ~ renamed 'config\icon' to 'config\interface\icon\'
 ~ reneame 'feature.txt' to 'all_feature.txt'
 [ removed ambiguity in german mainmenu navigation with keyboard 
 [ use wx keycodes, less error prone
 ] less subconfigs
 ' some more documenting in default.conf
 ' advanced feature tour under 'special_feature.txt'
 ' some beginnings of czech localisation
 ! reload all docs switched to last doc
 ! move document line and page wise from searchbar input
 ! search dialog icon shows again
 ! optimizing speed and undef value handling of menu data generation
 ! file first names now correct when it has no file ending

 * File history menu
 * Insert templates menu
 + custom title bar
 + option to make toolbars nonereactive (disable events)
 + multiple events on GUI element 
 - auto brace join
 [ internal cleanups
 ! repaired searchbar
 ! exit dialog entitles also unnamed files
 ! some other bugs

 + Open all files of a dir
 + searchbar contextmenu extended for search range
 + documentlist menu extended
 ] code claenup
 ~ changed statusbar onclick behaviour
 ~ format and convert function much faster
 ! many bug fixes

 ? new configurable GUI, commands and event system
 + rebuild mainmenu
 + new reaktiv toolbar
 + searchbar contextmenu
 + rename files
 + drag n drop in search dialog
 [ checkable and disable main menu items
 [ tooltips and status help on tabbar icons
 ] faster tab change
 ~ better goto line dialog
 ~ search dialog quicker and with less flicker
 ! several bugfixes

 ? beginning new configurable GUI system, rebuild contexmenus
 * brace navigation with <alt>+<arrow keys>
 * new contextmenu on selected text
 + umlauts, disable checkitems and radioitems in context menus
 + new dynamic contextmenu on tabbar for selecting current document
 + delete back tab, <shift>+<back> deletes now to next indention level
 + <Ctrl>+<F> now also switches focus back to editpanel
 ~ document switch back now on <Ctrl>+<back>
 ~ goto last edit now on <Ctrl>+<Shift>+<G>
 ! some bug fixes and internal cleanups

0.3.1 Nedit
 ? bigger core changes, some new features
 * searchbar with incremental search and 3 buttons (fore, back, goto last edit)
 + 10 doc spanning bookmarks
 + goto last edit
 + optional new and close icon in tabbar
 + rectangular selection with keyboard
 + files can now be dragged into editpanel
 + directories can now be dragged into editpanel
 + number of selected lines are displayed in statusbar
 [ shown pathes now absolute and OS compatibel
 ] new internal document property handling
 ~ much less flicker in toolbar and tabbar
 ~ block navigation now on <Alt>+<PgUp>|<PgDown>

 ? full stable release, more comfort
 * autoindent
 * bracelight and bracebadlight
 + braceindent and bracededent
 + leftclick on statusbar for changing settings shortcuts
 + leftclick on rightmost statusbarfield for getting infos about file
 + show unsaved and readonly status in tabs
 + show number of selected chars / cursor pos in %
 + optional warning dialog while overwriting files
 + replace line
 [ new fresher icons, several new for coming new functions
 [ 2 more functions in the toolbar
 [ more responsive cursor position display
 [ linenumbermargin has always enough width
 [ quit dialog now shows numbers and "unsaved files"
 [ faster splashscreen
 ] remember directory of session file
 ! php lexer fixed
 ! over 35 bugfixes

 ? feature enhancement and bug fix
 * file sessions
 * on quit dialog for selecting files to save
 + open multiple files via dialog
 + history for search and replace strings
 + xp style now optional
 [ close current file with middle click on tabbar
 ! open empty files

0.2.2(.0) (switched to 4 number version counting, but i leave the last zero out)
 ? feature enhancement and bug fix
 * search and replace in files
 + asm style
 + save on change doc
 + open statusmenu files via mainmenu
 [ internal sub now only have one _ prefix
 ! bug in search prev
 ! style repaint on save as bug

 ? feature enhancement and bugfix release
 + find in selection
 + replace all in selection
 + replace with confirm in selection
 + menu item find from start
 + recognise selection from menu calls
 + Ctrl+Enter (in search dialog) closes dialog and finds first
   (find button behaviour)
 + set max tab width via config
 [ more benchmark
 ! reload autosettings fixed
 ! status context menu changes language properly
 ! dialog saves search and replace text first time like it should
 ! minor checkbox selection fix in search dialog
 ! bug in font change
 ! line wrap bug

 ? new feature and maintain release
 * contextmenus on statusbar
 + shift+Enter in search dialog searches backward
 [  massive refracturing fore new namespace
 [  several new modules
 !  minor fixes in menu

 ? testing and maintain release
 + call replace in find dialog
 ~ DND Files now only over tabbar
 ~ close other now with ctrl+shift+Q
 ~ better search menu
 [  massive refracturing fore new namespace
 !  minor fixes in menu, statusbar, and keymap

 ? shiny little feature enhancement release
 + Drag 'n Drop Files from Explorer into the Editor

 ?  suporting porters release
 +  pce.pl can now called under win from anywhere
 !  small bugs in show files

 ? minor enhancement release
 + block navigation
 + open files in current directory

 ? maintaince release for linux usage
 - direct document selection with Alt+Number
 [ path for config and help can now be set freely

 ? major stable and bugfix release
 + view option: stay on top
 / internal changes and cleanups
 ! bugfixes in menu and logic

 ~ converter take now the whole text when nothing is selected
 /  internal cleanup

 + delete trailing spaces
 / cleaning internals

 + 2 new options for opening files, replace new empty docs
 + single document mode
 + save last tilde files like that: file.name~
 ! Bugfix in EOL Mode, the editor produced always cr+lf
 ! 2 Bugfixes in Main menu

 ? major stable and bugfix release

 + backup autosave file, and restore ist in emergency case
 - Bookmarks
 ! bugfixes

 + save dialog on close and exit now contain cancel
 / internal improvements
 ! bugfixes in Config

 + jumpes to the file if you open an already opened file
 / internal improvements
 ! bugfixes in main, config, file, document, STC
 ! bugfix in General::Config

 + visual feature: switch back if you click on current a la opera
 + new option: start with an empty file
 + new option: open each file once
 + new option: open text files only
 / bugfixes

 + autoreload for config files
 + this version texts
 ~ better menus
 ! bugfixes

 ! fix from ugly bug that eating docs, therefor HIGHLY RECOMMANDED updated
 + ask now for unsaved files to save on quit
 ~ minor optical fixes in search dialog, save all icon, color of LLI

 * settings for each document will handled seperately and saved to the next start
   these settings are at start cursorpos, syntaxstyle, EOL Mode, Tab usage
 + intention guides
 + caret line highlighting
 + autodetect EOL Mode
 + autodetect write protection
 + direct doc selection with Alt+Number
 ~ right margin color changesd
 ~ another app icon
 ~ search menu unfolded

0.1.89: ? bugfix release
 * multiple document handling
   find, replace and bookmarks are still single document oriented

 * find and replace dialog
 + win XP look

0.1.68: autosave options, customizable Syntaxstyle autoselect
0.1.64: german localisation, much faster reading of large files
        file menu: insert file, edit menu: format functions, convert functions
        document menu: eol mode, styles, spaces, write protection
        Statusbar: cursorpos, eol, spaces, style
        save and load external configs, handling close window event
        config: many new styles, contextmenu, color and caret settings
0.1.24: SECOND COMPLETE RELEASE (incl. PRE 0.2pre1)!
        file menu: reopen, save copy as,
        edit menu: Replace, Undo History, brace comment, Selection Move, line move
                   indent unindent,  script comment uncomment,
        search menu: find, find next, find previous, find selection, 3Bookmarks
                     goto line number,
        view menu: hard tabs, whitespace, 4Margins, Line Wrap, font dialog, View EOL
        config menu: open, load and save config on the fly, default config file
        autsaves now all properties, save before exit, Keyboard Map, Licenses
        C-style, CSS Style, HTML-Style, select and autoselect Syntaxstyle
        remember file, asks for filename if you save new file, better Perl-style

0.1: FIRST COMPLETE RELEASE(incl. PRE 0.2)!, startexe, english Menu,
        file menu: new file, open, save file, save as
        edit menu: undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, clear, select all
        view menu: linenumbermargin, long line indikator,
        colored gutter, first syntaxstyle(perl), filename in tab and the title

the VERSION number is like a date in the development timeline of the program,
no matter which part, a bigger number comes always after a smaller, Kephra 0.2
comes after pre 0.1.23

 ^ purpose
 * big new feature
 + new feature
 ~ change
 - remove
 ? tests
 ! bugfix
 [ interface
 ] internals
 " configs
 ' help/docu
 / comment