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 - plugins: tree, commandline, projects, filesystem
 - tools: outline, tidy, debugger

0.7 Toolintegration
 + error highlighting/simple debugger
 + App::Ack

0.6 Plugin API
 + commandline and tree tool extention
 + simple file browser
 + tidy

0.5 polish for daily use

0.4.4 fresh docs, about dialog, more localisations

0.4.3 utf safe, cpan install, marker
0.4.2 new tabbar, better folding
0.4.1 folding, more converter

0.4 fully configurable

0.3.10 output and notepad panels
0.3.9 inline default configs now complete
0.3.8 move tabs
0.3.7 autosave, autonotify
0.3.6 new formater
0.3.5 file history and templates menu
0.3.4 open dir
0.3.3 new configurable GUI, commands and event system
0.3.2 brace navigation, contextmenu on text selection
0.3.1 searchbar, bookmarks, goto last edit, DnD files

0.3 more comfort
 + autoindent, bracelight, braceindent, block navigation
 + search and replace in files, search item history
 + file sessions, info symbols in tabbar, drag'n'drop of files
 + enhanced statusbar is now interactive and has contextmenus

0.2.3 file sessions, save on exit dialog
0.2.2 search and replace in files
0.2 multi document handling
 + find and replace dialog
 + opens with same docs and settings as on close, otional ask before close
 + autodetect EOL mode and write protection, faster IO
 + more customizable Syntaxstyles with autoselect by fileending
 + more visual helper, win XP look

0.1 first public stable release
 + edit only one document
 + syntaxhighlighting
 + basic file IO
 + some graphic marker