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Python Kepcalc Online

The Python version of Kepcalc is now online running responding to REST queries at my site: The response format is in xml allowing the data to be integrated into any system capable of parsing xml.

Posted by Phelps Williams 2008-05-18

C# complete & C++ in the works

The project is now available in the flavor of c# and a c++ port is in the works. The c++ port SGP0 model is working well as of a few moments ago. More to come on the c++ side of things...

Posted by Phelps Williams 2008-02-17

Alpha Release & Documentation Available

A simple alpha is available for download. A main is included to demonstrate some functionality. From the command line:
"java -jar KepCalc-xxx.jar"

Additionally, some javadocs are posted here:

Posted by Phelps Williams 2008-01-07

SGP, Visual Magnitudes, and More!

The java package is nearly release worthy. Basically just the packaging itself remains.

SGP is complete along with a standard set of translations. An exciting new feature just added is the ability to calculate visual magnitude based on Mike McCants published standard magnitude terms available here:

A number of satellite importing techniques are built in including Space-Track, Celestrak, and even amateur classified object listings also published by Mike McCants: read more

Posted by Phelps Williams 2007-12-30