fail to extract and join split rar files


  • Anonymous


    I have been using keka for a while and I should say you guys did a very good job.
    One funny thing I have noticed for a month or so is that I can't extract/join split rar files anymore.
    In fact I have a set of rar files I know I had extracted/joined before using keka that I cannot join/extract anymore.
    The thing simply stopped working. Now, I don't know if this is a keka bug or a mac bug.
    I tried to use other unarchivers and they keep failing in similar ways. Any clues of what might be happening?
    On keka I usually get "operation failed with error code 1" or "operation failed with error code 4" if that is any help.
    I run the latest stable release of keka on snow leopard (also up to date).

    Thanks in advance!