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Version 1.1.0

Well, this was originally supposed to be version 1.0.1, but I made enough changes that I felt it warranted a bigger version number change. Anyway, lots of bug fixes and if you dl the source you will see some progress into wix version 3 compatibility. Any advice in that department would be great.

Posted by Keeyai 2008-02-27

Version 1.0.1

I currently have working code for both bugs in the tracker, and a few other minor things, but I'm waiting to release it while I finish support for Wix v3. It is a bigger task than I thought, since apparently V3 is not back compatible. Sigh.

Posted by Keeyai 2008-02-26

Feedback Please!

Because everyone structures their projects a little differently, this is very difficult to test and debug. It works for the way -> I <- do things, but it might not work for the way YOU do them. Please please please send an email or leave a forum post with any bugs or suggestions on how I can make the tool better.

Posted by Keeyai 2008-02-24