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KeePassPPC V0.4.7 released


This release finally adds a few long requested features to KeePassPPC: Application auto-exit and auto-clear for the clipboard. It is compiled against KeePassLibC V1.11, which uses the BoostC++ library now. Therefore this release might be problematic, as quite a few warnings show up during compilation. I have used it with my tiny 30KiB database without any problems, but i don't know how it behaves with bigger files. Especially the date/time routines might be fragile.

Have a look at the release notes here:

If you have any comments, please post in the forum:

Also check the ReadMe.txt in the release packages before installing or posting questions. If you want to build the code yourself, have a look at the HowToBuild.txt in the source package.

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Posted by Tobias 2008-06-23