KeePassSD V0.1.0 Alpha released


It took some time, but here is the KeePassSD V0.1.0 Alpha release.

This contains the update to Visual Studio 2008, the update to
KeePassLibSD V2.05 and KeePassLibC V1.11.

From a functional point of view this contains the possibility to setup the
password generator, to Add/Edit/Delete "String Fields" as well as to
Attach/Export/Delete "Binary Attachments". However as i rarely use
"String Fields" and "Binary Attachments" the test-coverage is pretty low.
So i have to repeat again:

I have borrowed quite heaviely from the look & feel of KeePass V2.xx, so
a big thanks to Dominik for his excellent work on the Windows version.

I am really just doing the stupid, yet quite time consuming job to:
- Design the GUI for Smartphone and PocketPC devices
- Have a detailed look a the functional code of KeePass V2.xx and strip it down
to whatever makes sense for a smart device.
- Port incompatible code or find alternative ways to do the same job, where
the Windows Mobile OS differs from Windows.

The latter is of course the trickiest bit, so things like for example AutoType
are on the ToDo list, but when and if they will be realized is unclear.

Have a look at the release notes here:

If you have any comments, please post in the forum:

Also check the ReadMe.txt in the release packages before installing or posting
questions. If you want to build the code yourself, have a look at the
HowToBuild.txt in the source package.

I hope you enjoy this Alpha release and i haven't missed any fundamental bugs.

Kind Regards,

P.S.: The next release will be for KeePassPPC and i have to tell you:
The C++ code is so messy and uncontrollable compared to the KeePassSD C# code.
Progress there is really really slow and painfull, but i try to give you the
Auto-Exit asap.

Posted by Tobias 2008-05-06