KeePassSD V0.0.9 Alpha released

Hi there!

After some delays due to other projects here is finally another Alpha release of KeePassSD.

I managed to implement the rudimentary file handling logic and the code to
add/edit/delete database groups. You can also delete entries now. Adding and
editing entries is not yet completely implemented: You can change the basic
fields, however String Fields and Binary Attachment support is not yet done as
well as the most important bit: A way to configure the password generator.

Have a look at the release notes here:

If you have any comments, please post in the forum:

Also check the ReadMe.txt in the release packages before installing or posting questions.
If you want to build the code yourself, have a look at the HowToBuild.txt in the source
package. Building has become a bit more complicated due to the use of the
Boost C++ Library for KeePassLibC V1.10.

I hope you enjoy this Alpha release and i haven't missed any fundamental bugs.

Kind Regards,

Posted by Tobias 2013-04-22