• Is there any thought of adding true synchronization between PPC and PC in the future?

    • Tobias

      Not really. If it happens, it might happen for KeePassSD, as the new KeePassLibSD already supports
      a "merge" functionality for two KeePass databases. For KeePassPPC it would be pretty painful and time consuming to implement anything like that.


    • It's too bad this functionality isn't included. I was under the impression that it was there. I guess I'll just have to purchase one that has this functionality.

    • As a real beginner as a pocket-pc user I hoped to find in this threat a description answering this question:

      How to keep the same database on a handheld and the pc simultaneously?

      Meanwhile I found the solution that I want to describe here:
      Install KeePassPPC on the handheld and create a database there.

      Sync this database to the pc, e.g. with MS ActiveSync (allow the sync of files in the options). Find the briefcase of the handheld files on your pc. I found them in "My Documents\Pocket_PC My Documents\".

      Open this database with KeePass for PC ( (after installation of that program on the pc).

      Make sure not to change the database on both systems between two syncs. This would lead to a conflict.

      Correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe this helps to somebody.