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Keepass J2ME is Toooooooooooo slow !!!!!!!

  • Keepass j2me is too slow man. I am never able to open my kdb database in it. Even after 2 hours, it was showing decrypting progress bar less than its half way.

    I don't think its practically usable then. Or is it with me only??

    Same problem is with me Keepass mobile.

  • J2ME is not slow. J2ME is only a Java platform for mobiles. Your mobile is slow! Or in this case: Your keepass database is too big (and/or is configured with too much encryption rounds) for your mobile.

    So, that are my questions:

    * Whats your mobile's model/name?
    * How big (kb) is your keepass database?

    Christoph (KeePassMobile)

  • My mobile is LG KP500 (Cookie) and my KDB size is 51 kb.

    But, my problem is solved now. Actually, I was exporting this from KDBX and there were too many encryption rounds in this (54751269, 1 second). I just reduce them after converting it to KDB with the help of Keepass Portable 1.18. And thats it !! Its opening like a flash.

    But, there are a few bug, like its hanging in between when I cancel opening a file or sometimes. I will give you the details, so that you can make it better.

    Thanks very much for your help and moreover for this wonderful application.
    Keep it up.
    Abhishek K. Pandey