Motorola a1200 Ming help

Jay Lynn
  • Jay Lynn
    Jay Lynn

    I know nothing about Java really, so I'm not likely to have any answers.  I've been trying to get keepass J2ME working on my Motorola Ming for several days and I finally found a solution.  I got it to work after reading an earlier post by zecritter.  Here's the only way I was able to get this to work on an a1200:

    1. Install the Java SDK 1.6.0 (known as version 6) with the public run time environment (JRE) on my PC.
    2. Install keepassj2me on the phone's SD card (I used the latest version 1.1.3)
    3. Find a copy of keepassj2me version 1.1.2.  Unfortunately, it's no longer available at sourceforge as a download.  The only file you need to use from this download is KeePassInstaller.bat.
    4. Run KeePassInstaller.bat (on the PC) and browse to the kdb file you want on your phone.  The program will generate a Database.kdb file.
    5. Browse to the installation folder for keepassj2me on the phone (for example: .system\java\DownloadApps\MIDlet20006\Files).
    6. Open the file keepassj2me.jar with something like WinRAR or similar. Place a copy of Database.kdb inside the keepassj2me.jar archive and save it.
    7. Now keepassj2me will automatically open the file when it starts.

    Here are some reason I had trouble getting it to work any other way:
    -Even changing the permissions in the a1200's registry.txt file manually or using an app like java hack does not allow keepassj2me to access the file system and browse for the kdb file on the phone.

    -There's no longer a KeePassInstaller.bat file in the current version (1.1.3)

    -When using KeePassUploader, the phone cannot correctly download the file from, saying that the password is incorrect.  I thought that it was due to the fact that the virtual keypad which pops up to enter the numbers does not include a hyphen.  For some reason, you cannot switch to an alphanumeric keypad.  The wiki states that you don't need a hyphen, so it's probably a different issue.

    That's just the way it worked for me.  Hope this helps someone.