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I make patch

  • Stepan

    How can i post patch (or commit [to branch])?

    * Updated icons: 16x16 32bpp PNG (from original theme)
    * Added new icons to sync with keepassx (improved to 16x16 32bpp PNG)
    * Fixed bug with incorrect icon index (if icon missed show icon 0)
    * Added icons to main menu
    * Added icon to back ("..")
    * Changed midlet icon
    * Changed icons filenames and directory

    * Some captions changed (shorter & readable)
    * group postfix removed "/" (invisible, when long caption)
      group prefix [+] added

    File browse & read:
    * Files & dirs open for read only - minize request to user
    * Added for my SE K750 "jump to other dir" (c:/other)
      becouse file browsing dont work normally on the phone
      later it replace with bookmarks - for all

    p.s. sorry for my english :|

    • Naomaru Itoi
      Naomaru Itoi

      Great!  Thank you.  I can make you co-developer, and you'll be able to commit code to CVS yourself.  Would you like me to do that?


      • Stepan

        I can not promise that there will be a lot of time, but will help.
        I am not strong in Java2ME and the beginner on SF.
        If it will be easier to make me co-developer, I am ready.

        • Naomaru Itoi
          Naomaru Itoi

          Done!  You should have all the rights, now.  Please check in the code.

          If possible, please release a new version, too.


          • Stepan

            My login name is "stepan_s" not "stepan_p" :)

            • Naomaru Itoi
              Naomaru Itoi

              My bad ... I fixed it.  Is this good now?


              • Stepan

                All ok, thanks!
                Commit & release done.
                Please check up.

    • ProduktPruefer


      thanks for the patch - I have also discovered, that the problems on KeePass J2ME
      - root folder showing, but subfolders could not be opened
      - opening another folder than the selected one
      - requiring twice "Select" to open a folder
      - multiple Meta-Inf entries as folders
      - ArrayIndexOutOfBounds
      - "corrupt pad block" message (which should actually occur only when the PIN entered was wrong)
      - "signature wrong" message
      - big distance between application icon and name
      were due to icons with higher index and the wrong application's icon.
      But it's way better to have a bugfix, than to manually set the used icons to be accepted by KeePass J2ME.

      Though I have not yet tested, if sporadic problems on following operations are also gone:
      - when using Windows newline character (\r\n) in KeePass Windows 1.14, with Unix (\n) it worked fine
      - with database filenames starting with "#" or longer than 8 characters
      - with database imported using KeePass Windows Oubliette plugin
      - when creating multilevel folders

      These problem still exist:
      - when opening "Internet" source, but then returning with "Cancel", a nullpointer Exception occurs
      - when reloading from Filesystem but returning with "Cancel", a PhoneIDException occurs

      These features I really miss:
      - an auto-exit timer, to have the application shut when unused
      - after having loaded a kdb, it is copied to the applications cache and can be opened directly next time,
      but when pressing "Reload", there is no possibility to again use this cached version (you have to load
      it first again from the Filesystem/Internet/Midlet to the cache) - it would be fine to have "Cancel" in the
      return dialog to use the cached one again
      - maybe in future support Professional KeePass (2.x)

      By the way keepassserver.info site should be updated or closed, if only SourceForge is continued...