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KeePass 2.x

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95 Modify Trigger Examples in Help to match diagram KeePass_2.x closed Paul 2015-04-12  
94 Help file update, attachment view security KeePass_2.x closed Paul 2014-11-18  
93 Wrong url KeePass_2.x closed Andre Fauteux 2014-11-15  
92 Add PreventUserConfiguration setting KeePass_2.x closed Uranium235 2014-10-25  
91 Additional Trigger Example KeePass_2.x closed Paul 2014-09-09  
89 Fix no PUT at WebDAV-Sync with mono-3.x KeePass_2.x closed David Lechner 2014-05-04  
88 Add "version" command line option KeePass_2.x closed David Lechner 2014-05-02  
87 Additional Trigger Examples KeePass_2.x closed Paul 2014-03-10  
86 Fix crash if KeePass fails to start and MessageBox throws exception KeePass_2.x closed David Lechner 2013-11-12  
85 Proper fix for KeePass freezing the window manager under Mono KeePass_2.x closed Will R 2013-10-26  
84 Fix xsel deadlock when using a single threaded window manager on Mono KeePass_2.x closed Will R 2013-10-18  
83 Recover orphaned *.kdbx.tmp files automatically during synchronization KeePass_2.x open Will R 2013-07-19  
82 [Update] German.lngx KeePass_2.x closed Alpengreis 2013-01-29  
73 Work around xdotool bug with different keyboard layouts KeePass_2.x closed Amir Yalon 2011-10-24  
52 Context password gen - new profile AutoGenerate -FR: 2848944 KeePass_2.x closed Piotr 2009-09-08  
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