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#87 Additional Trigger Examples


Dominik, please add this trigger example to the Help. Would you also add the attached XML trigger examples as files.

cheers, Paul

Using Multiple Databases At The Same Time

KeePass can open multiple databases in individual tabs. With this feature you can open your personal database and have shared databases opened automatically - using the KeeAutoExec plug-in (http://keepass.info/plugins.html#keeautoexec). When you lock KeePass you need to activate your personal database so that the correct master key is requested on unlock.

Activating a database on lock / close.

Open KeePass and navigate to 'Tools' -> 'Triggers...'.
Add a trigger.
Call it something meaningful, like "Activate master database".
Tick the 'Enabled' and 'Initially on' boxes.
Navigate to the 'Events' tab and add an event.
Select 'Closing database file (before saving)'. Don't bother with the comparison or filter.
Navigate to the 'Actions' tab and add an action.
Select 'Activate database (select tab)'.
In the 'File/URL' field enter the name of the database you wish to activate. There is no need to specify the full path, just the database name, e.g. Master.kdbx. This makes the trigger portable.

KeePass will now activate your master database when KeePass locks or you close one of your databases and when you unlock KeePass you will be prompted for the key to your master database.

This trigger can be imported from the XML file in the link below.
To import a trigger from a file.
Open the file containing the trigger(s) to be imported in a viewer / editor.
Select the entire XML text - usually pressing Ctrl A will do this.
Copy the text to the clipboard.
Open KeePass and navigate to 'Tools' -> 'Triggers...'.
Click the 'Tools' button and select "Paste Triggers from Clipboard".
Edit the triggers as required.

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