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# Summary Milestone Status Creator Created
1858 Hide passwords which was unhidden with ctrl+h after restart/unlock keepass KeePass_2.x open Felix-One 2 days ago  
1851 Create a "Change Password" form/dialog. KeePass open Kooky 4 days ago  
1859 Select Notes Font in Edit Entry Dialog KeePass open Bruce Wilkinson 1 day ago  
1853 Update Chocolatey package when new version released KeePass_2.x open David Gardiner 3 days ago  
1854 Report synchronized entries when sync with external file KeePass open Jean-Luc Garnier 2 days ago  
1852 Printing Options, Defaults KeePass_2.x open Sue Heron 3 days ago  
1849 Parce Reference Field so it's reference can be seen. KeePass open MarsXmc 2014-04-09  
1848 Ability to use Custom Strings in Reference Fields KeePass open MarsXmc 2014-04-09  
1850 Add Expire Entry to right-click context KeePass open SmogMonkey 2014-04-10  
1847 Context sensitive help for each option setting. KeePass open JC1 2014-04-09  
1845 Permit character weighting in Password Generator using […] notation KeePass open wellread1 2014-04-07  
1844 AutoType - Target Window based on String field KeePass_2.x open Jens 2014-04-07  
1843 Option disable clickable links in notes. KeePass_1.x open Potato 2014-03-29  
1842 Cannot search rich text KeePass open a_buck 2014-03-28  
1841 Sort order in AutoType window to be same as database entries (2.25 Portable) KeePass open John 2014-03-26  
1837 support for file sharing service KeePass_2.x open Willichan 2014-03-18  
1836 Reorder Custom Auto-Type Sequences KeePass open wellread1 2014-03-18  
1834 Wipe file feature KeePass open Raistlin 2014-03-16  
1835 Lucida Console as the default password font KeePass open Raistlin 2014-03-16  
841 protection against plausible deniability None open Anonymous 2006-11-10  
1572 Ask for second password on sensitive data KeePass open Anonymous 2011-12-15  
1789 Allow use of field references in Keepass settings KeePass open Mark 2013-09-19  
1827 Evaluate Environment Variables In KeePass.config.xml KeePass_2.x open Source Forge 42 2014-02-14  
1803 Updated documentation for OtpKeyProv KeePass open Paul 2013-11-29  
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