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# Summary Milestone Status Creator Created
1811 additional TAN list numbering KeePass_2.x open Thomas S. 2014-01-09  
1808 Option to turn off automatic field mapping on import KeePass_2.x open Tech-Nik 2013-12-30  
1807 'Save Attached File(s) To...' menu item KeePass_2.x open Anatoly H. 2013-11-09  
1803 Updated documentation for OtpKeyProv KeePass open Paul 2013-11-29  
1801 Don't bring KeePass window to front on DB unlock KeePass_2.x open Ether 2013-11-26  
1800 Allow user-defined ExpiringSoonDays value KeePass open davisj 2013-11-13  
1798 Import triggers from XML. KeePass_2.x open Paul 2013-11-01  
1797 Write config file occasionally KeePass_2.x open Miguel Duarte 2013-09-23  
1796 Add support to select a database on startup KeePass open sfnet-e 2013-10-22  
1795 Auto-type selection dialog could be multi-monitor aware KeePass open Jon Goldberg 2013-10-21  
1793 IOProtocolExt needs timeout KeePass_2.x open Jeff Fritz 2013-10-10  
1790 Icon view to support quickly running URL field command KeePass open James Reed Elliott 2013-09-19  
1789 Allow use of field references in Keepass settings KeePass open Mark 2013-09-19  
1788 Cancel Search button (X) KeePass open G Knigge 2013-09-14  
1787 Lock workplace doesn't work if edit window is open (2) KeePass open palo 2013-09-13  
1781 KPScript enabling exporting filtered by GroupName KeePass open jswalsh2000 2013-09-02  
1779 Integrate Yubikey OTP into OtpKeyProv in addition to OATH HOTP KeePass open Joel Loewenstein 2013-08-28  
1778 Enhance OtpKeyProv ReadMe for security of OTP and master password combinations KeePass open Joel Loewenstein 2013-08-28  
1775 Minimize to tray only when click on X (close) button KeePass_2.x open Óscar García 2013-08-19  
1774 Database wide Password duplicate checking KeePass open spacewalker 2013-08-13  
1772 Suggestion: Replace an icon (in addition to Add and Remove) KeePass open Bruno G. 2013-08-11  
1769 Portable Assistant KeePass open OLLI_S 2013-08-07  
1768 Change order of Database-Tabs KeePass open OLLI_S 2013-08-07  
1767 Merge password entries (with conflict dialog) KeePass open OLLI_S 2013-08-07  
1765 Export to Firefox KeePass open OLLI_S 2013-08-06  
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