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# Summary Milestone Status Creator Created
1768 Change order of Database-Tabs KeePass open OLLI_S 2013-08-07  
1767 Merge password entries (with conflict dialog) KeePass open OLLI_S 2013-08-07  
1765 Export to Firefox KeePass open OLLI_S 2013-08-06  
1763 Add Search in (Custom) String Fields to Find options KeePass_2.x open wellread1 2013-07-31  
1762 Search order priority KeePass open Latios 2013-07-31  
1761 Default password generation function KeePass_2.x open IchHabRecht 2013-07-30  
1759 Different SysTray-Icon at usaved changes KeePass open OLLI_S 2013-07-27  
1758 WebDAV - 401 should invalidate stored credentials and prompt for new ones KeePass_2.x open Ahmed Osman 2013-07-17  
1756 OptKeyProv plugin: Request ability to use 1 OTP with fixed password KeePass open wellread1 2013-07-25  
1754 OtpKeyProv plugin: dbname.otp.xml file should store Secret key base setting KeePass open wellread1 2013-07-14  
1753 OptKeyProv plugin: Recovery mode dialog should include counter and look ahead settings KeePass open wellread1 2013-07-14  
1746 Auto update expiry on password change KeePass_2.x open rouky 2013-07-02  
1742 JVault Importer KeePass open CMercs 2013-06-25  
1741 Individual expiration for custom strings KeePass open John L. Galt 2013-06-22  
1740 State independent locking KeePass_2.x open Meingbg 2013-06-12  
1737 Add column(s) to autotype entry selection KeePass open Brittney Smith 2013-05-31  
1733 Add mandatory password expiration to Minimum Properties of Master Keys KeePass open Geophory 2013-05-14  
1732 Multiple URL Field per entry in Keepass 2.x KeePass open ThierryP 2013-05-08  
1731 Different colors for letters and numbers in the password field KeePass open Andy L 2013-05-04  
1730 Can't run the "cmd:://" in the "Notes" field. KeePass_2.x open Antony JR 2013-05-02  
1728 Include parent groups of nested entries in search results KeePass_2.x open SumDeti 2013-04-19  
1727 [Plugin Idea] obfuscate database in jpg images KeePass open Babar 2013-04-17  
1723 Select from multiple locked databases in Open Database dialog KeePass open Matthew Myers 2013-04-10  
1722 Option for field references to ignore search setting KeePass_2.x open StarGoose 2013-04-06  
1721 Please add Feature Option 'Minimize on Open Url (CTRL-U)' KeePass_2.x open Johan 2013-04-05  
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