#1761 Default password generation function


On opening the "Generate password" function I would like to define a default entry (in my case it's the default definition) and not any function depending on the last generated password. Either switch the two functions and make default settings really default or add an option in the settings.


  • I'd like to also vote for some sort of change along these lines - that is, if I understand the OP correctly. Many times when I've decided that a particular password needs to be changed, the reason I'm changing it is that the old one seems too weak; but the default behavior of the "generate" button seems to be to generate a password that is exactly as weak as the existing password! And, so far, all the ways I've found for generating new passwords that don't involve using the existing password as a template - well, they all seem like clumsy workarounds.

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    Select the profile '(Automatically generated passwords for new entries)' to create a password that is NOT dependent on any other password (including the current password).

    If you need additional help on how to customize the password generator to generate stronger (or weaker) passwords quickly & easily (or by default) see http://keepass.info/help/base/pwgenerator.html#profiles.

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  • Ok, my problem was that when I would click on the "generate" button, I'd just click on the top option ("Open Password Generator...") and ignore the rest of the submenu - so much so that when I was writing my post, I forgot that there was a submenu being displayed. Unfortunately for me, the top option in the menu causes the generator to be set to "(Derive from previous password)". (Is there any way to change this?)

    I'm not sure why, but I was expecting the process of generating a new password to be a one-click operation - and that expectation caused me to gloss over the other options the program was trying to present to me. I'd still like it better if password generation was a one-click operation, but now that it's sunk into my thick skull that it isn't, I can deal with it.

    Correction: The top option in the menu causes the generator to be set to "(Derive from previous password)" only if there is an existing password; else it uses "(Custom)" settings, which in turn are apparently based on the "(Automatically generated passwords for new entries)". So, in theory, if I just remember (if...) to empty the password field before clicking the generator button, it should do what I want.

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    This thread is intended for discussion of the feature request merits.

    Please post remarks concerning usage of the current password generator in a new thread in the help or discussion forum.

  • My apologies if I strayed off topic, but I thought that KeePass's propensity for presenting more options than the typical user is willing to consider at one time was relevant, especially given that the OP ends with

    or add an option in the settings.

    I, too, would like to see some (most) of the password generation options moved to a "set it and forget it" options dialog - with the defaults (for the people who just "forget it" and never actually bother to "set it") being to always generate strong passwords, regardless of what the existing password is.

    I'll shut up now.

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    If you wish to use the default password generation profile, do not select the 'Open Password Generator...' option. Instead, select '(Automatically generated passwords for new entries)'.

    The only purpose of the 'Open Password Generator...' option is to create a password or password profile based on custom settings. When modifying a current password and planning to customized it, the '(Derive from previous password)' is the very best starting point.

    It does not make sense to have a 1-click new password option when changing an existing password because a one-click option, by definition, does not offer any other options. However it is very likely that one will desire additional options when changing a password. The 2-click option that KeePass offers is the best option.

    This feature request should really be closed.

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    Correction: This feature could apply to the Tools>Generate Password and some users may prefer to always start defining a new password profile from a defined profile (e.g. (Automatically generated passwords for new entries)) so the option IchHabRecht proposed is still reasonable.