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#1684 String field "Copy To..." functionality

Scott J

I love Keepass, but IMO, it's a bit week with string field manipulation. I propose adding a feature to copy multiple string fields from one entry to another without having to manually create/copy/paste them.

Something similar already exists for creating/editing triggers. On the triggers screen, Tools-->"Copy Triggers to Clipboard" does exactly what I need, only I want it for String fields instead of Triggers. Have it dump the current entry's string fields to XML and then allow an import into another entry.

The suggested feature would allow you to highlight string entries in the advanced tab, and either right click or have another button on the left side that said "Copy To…" This would allow you to select the target entry, or maybe paste an Entry ID to have the selected string fields duplicated into the target entry.

Right now accomplishing this task is a very manual, time intensive, and tedious exercise. Each String Field's text name & contents must be copied one at a time, then recreated in the target entry. The most annoying & prevalent example is when I have to change Keefox settings b/c a website changed it's login structure. I end up having Keefox save the settings to a NEW entry, then individually copy the new string settings it uses into the existing entry so that I can keep the Entry ID's constant (for field references) and also to retain the history entries for the original entry. Needless to say, this is a PITA. If Keepass had a "Copy To" feature for string fields, this would be a very simple task to import data from one entry to another.

I think this would be very useful not only for "heavy-duty" users, but especially for users who leverage browser plug-ins like Keefox, etc which leverage the string fields for page metadata storage. Changing websites cause significant pain and duplicate entries, so some sort of bulk string field copy/move mechanism is a must.