#1630 Show all expired entries: Ignore backup group(s)

Georg D

The feature "Show all expired entries" (respectively Options > Advanced > "show expired entries" and "show entries that will expire soon") is very useful, except it finds "too much" i.e. also recycle bin or other groups used for "inactive" entries with expiration date in the past (version 2.16)

Use case: I have certain groups containing entries, that I _shall_ not require any more, but want to keep as it sometimes happens someone comes and asks "2 years ago, you did care about system x, now I forgot the password and require to access something in the backup - do you still have the password?". These entries have expiration dates in the past and they must not be updated as exactly that information may be the required one.

Current Workaround: Edit all entries (!), clear password and set expiration to false. To access password / see expiration date, use history tab of entry. Main drawback: Lots of work.

1) "Show all expired entries" always ignores any entries in recycle bin, also those I moved manually to recycle bin. I' not sure but think this worked in some old version.
2) Not very important if 1) is working: In "Edit group" dialog in tab "behavior", add option "Ignoring expiration date of entries" in the same manner as auto-type/searching.

Thanks for listening :)


  • fritzophrenic

    This issue still seems to be a problem. I feel that I should not be notified about an expired password, after I have deleted the entry (moving it to the Recycle bin).