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Program Error

  • Dominik,

    I wanted to know if you had a response to a previous post because I'm having the same problem on both of my home systems but not my computer at work.  All of the systems I've listed are XP SP2 fully patched and all contain the latest Visual C libraries.  The previous posts states:

    "The last two beta versions (including today) will not run on my XP system. A 'Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library' error box shows up after attempting to login and states 'Debug assertion failed; File: d:\devstudio_myprojects8\keepass\wingui\pwsafedlg.cpp Line: 1229, etc. Any ideas?"

    I have this error upon opening and a similiar one referencing "sessionnotify.cpp Line: 60" upon closing.  Am I missing something I need installed on my home systems?  Thanks!


    • Well it looks like it has been fixed with the latest snapshot.  Good work and thanks!