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Is KeePass Immune to my Teenaged Son?

  • > you cannot create any new password entries
    > since you would have to enter the password
    > over the keyboard

    Not if you use the password generator.  Or a separate application which lets you create passwords with mouse clicks.

  • if you want to block against bruteforce, a good addition to keypass is to set something like:

    "if the wrong password is entered 3 times in a row, keepass automatically exits, or, locks the password field for 2 minutes."

  • You don't believe in corporal punishment, eh ?

  • Chop his hands off...

  • Slow him down a bit:

    1  Forbid him to use your computer  force him to use the library.

    2  Put a deadbolt on the door where the computer is housed.

    3  Get a locking computer case and put a bios password for boot up.

    4  Get a USB or Smartcard encrypted hard drive setup

    5  Send him to a psychologist

    6  Hire a computer security consultant to help you.

    7  Get a wireless keyboard and keep it locked up

    8  Get a looking computer desk

    9  Switch to linux

    10Get him a car.

    under the law teenagers can do just about anything within reason... beware...