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KeePass not working

  • Mike

    I have installed KeePass (Windows 7 Home) and created a number of site log-in entries. To use it I have highlighted the entry line for the site and clicked on the green sphere on the toolbar. The site opens but no username or password appears. I have saved each entry using the floppy disk icon - what am I doing wrong.

  • wellread1

    The 'Open URL' button (green earth sphere) opens the URL specified in the selected entry's URL field. To log-in to a site, you must place the cursor in the field where typing will begin and execute an Auto-Type.

    For example if you select the entry 'Sample Entry #2' (created in the top group of each new database) and press the 'Open URL' button, the web page http://keepass.info/help/kb/testform.html will be opened in your default browser.

    Two common methods for auto typing are:

    1. Global Auto-Type: Place the cursor in the 'User name:' field of the Test Form and press Ctrl-Alt-A (default global Auto-Type hot key)
    2. Perform Auto-Type: Place the cursor in the 'User name:' field of the Test Form; then select 'Sample Entry #2'; while still in KeePass press Ctrl-V.

    A detailed description of Auto-Type is found at http://keepass.info/help/base/autotype.html.
    Additional description of what happens on the Test Form page is at http://keepass.info/help/base/autotype.html#autoexample


    • Auto-Type matches the Window Title (browser tab title), NOT the webpage URL.
    • The 'Sample Entry #2' Auto-Type is an example of a custom Auto-Type sequence. Custom Auto-Type sequences are defined on the entry's Auto-Type tab.
    • By default, the entry's Title field can also be used by Auto-Type for Window Title matching.
  • Paul

    You are not doing anything wrong. KeePass does not "auto-complete" logins, you must have user intervention, as described above. If you want fully automatic login completion - which is less secure IMO - you can install a browser interface plug-in from the plug-ins section of the KeePass website.

    cheers, Paul