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Newbie wanting to sync USB KeePass with Desktop KeePass

  • Jeff

    I have KeePass 2.23 (just updated from 2.22) on my PC. I like it much more than the RoboForm version I was using.

    Now, I'm going on vacation and want to take KeePass with me. I downloaded the portable version on to a flash drive, unzipped it into a folder named "KeePass". Now, how do I make it identical to the KeePass on my PC. Is there an easy way to synchronize them?

    I'm using XP Pro and Firefox.

    Last edit: Jeff 2013-07-20
  • wellread1

    If you are using just a password as your Master Key, then copy the password database (.kdbx file) to your USB. Additional steps are required if your Master Key is anything other than a password.

    If you subsequently make changes to the main or portable database files you can merge the changes by synchronizing the password databases (File>Synchronize>Synchronize with File...).

  • Paul

    If you use a key file to open your database you should not keep it with the database, unless you also use a password - it's still not a good idea to keep the key with the database.

    cheers, Paul