• Hi,
    we are using different versions of keepass.
    so also version 2.24
    we are merging with another company and will move to a new building.
    we are changing from ldap user in active directoy to a netserveros system.
    I need to export individual keepass files and department keepass files
    from the current domain to a new domain.
    I tried several things, but i'm not succeeding.
    any suggestions.
    Alfred van der plas

  • wellread1

    KeePass 2.24 databases are compatible with KeePass 2.26 and other recent KeePass 2.x versions but not the KeePass 1.x edition.

    • If the database has a master password only, then copy the database to the new location and open it in KeePass 2.x.
    • If the database is also linked to a key file, copy the key file and database. Provide the path to the key file when you open the database.
    • If the database is linked to a Windows User Account see the extremely important cautions mentioned below.

    Individual KeePass database files may be linked to a Windows User Account. If the database is linked to the Windows User Account it is very important to remove the link to the Windows User Account before moving it or making significant changes to the Windows User Account. See the cautions at

    To change the database's Master Key so that it is NOT linked to the Windows user account, open the database and from the KeePass menu, select File>Change Master Key..., then create a new Master Key and save the database.

    Important Notes:
    Always backup your database before changing a Master Key.

    Last edit: wellread1 2014-07-01