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Printing to hard copy

  • When I try and print my entries, the passwords do not show up.

    How can an exact hard copy be made?


    • yamiya

      Hi "nobody",

      I don't understand what you mean, exactly.

      With "Menu: File -> Print..." you can print all your entries (with PWs) and with "Menu: File -> Print Preview..." you can see the list to be printed in your web browser.

      OK, if you have selected too many fields to be exported (=printed) then even as landscape print the colums with the passwords and notes will be truncated.

      If you need all the selected fields, then a possible workaround would be the decrease the font size in your web browser and then print the preview.

      If you mean with hardcopy the printing of the (aktual) screen, the go to "Menu: View" and deactivate "Hide Passwords behind Asterisks".

      Cya yamiya