Keepass and Kaspersky Internet Se. (KIS) 2013

  • MDG

    I used Keepass 2.12 under Win Xp Sp3 and KIS 2012 so far without problems ; default browser is latest Firefox (V15.0.1)

    Now after upgrade from KIS 2012 to KIS 2013  Keepass (respectively the browser) does not work anymore.
    Means: I can't open an URL from Keepass (CTRL-U). When browser is open and I try CTRL-U (user name and password) then browser freezes. Only a reboot of Windows helps.
    When I turn KIS completely off then Keepass works again.
    I tried already many options (turning off a few security features in KIS as well as disabling some KIS Add-Ons in Firefox). No success - Keepass only works when KIS is turned off.

    -> Any experience and suggestion how to configure system in order to enable Keepass working with KIS 2013??

  • develop1

    Neither one of us are current with regard to Keepass version.
    your at 2.12  I'm at 2.19 current is  2.20

    I can tell you both KIS-2012 and KIS-2013 are compatible with KP 2.19 as I too recently upgraded KIS to version 2013.

    However unlike you I am not using firefox v15. 
    My suggestion is to update KP to become current to see if the issue persists.

    if problem persists  try a either IE or crome as both work for me.
    if that works its a firefox/KP/KIS compatibllity issue if however you still have issues.
    Then something is odd with your config as compared to mine as it works on my side.

  • MDG

    thanks for the timly reponse!
    1) was not aware that I am not on current version with keepass. I will update asap
    2) the describes problem is the same with IE8

  • mranybody

    I can also confirm all is fine with KIS 2013 and Keepass 2.20.1 on Win7 SP1.

    Along with develop1's advice, have you included Keepass in your Trusted Applications within KIS 2013? I assume you did a clean install of KIS 2013, and thereby losing any previous Trusted Apps in your KIS settings. Does that solve it for you? It would be perfectly acceptable to include Keepass in your Trusted Apps. It's been the case in mine for as long back as I can remember.

  • MDG

    Hi mranybondy,
    Keepass and Firefox are 'fully trusted' applications in KIS and have all rights. This is why I found it pretty strange.
    And regarding 'clean' KIS install: I assume hat is the case because I uninstalled KIS2012 and completely installed KIS2013 from original CD (according to FAQ).
    Meanwhile I  'downgraded' back to KIS2012 because I could not figure out how to solve the problem.

    Nevertheless: great to see responses so uickly to Keepass related questions.

  • neomorf

    hey guys,

    I have the exact same problem word for word. Have you already got a solution? Or do I need to downgrade KIS2013 to being able to use Keepass?

  • Paul

    Two people confirm KeePass works with KIS 2013.
    Try removing KeePass from your trusted apps and then adding it again.
    Disable any plug-ins in KeePass.
    Try the RCDautotype KeePass plug-in.

    cheers, Paul