Vista a problem?

  • Koolmees

    I have installed Microsoft Vista and now Keeform does'nt work anymore. Normally the program fills in the userID and the password, but now there is no action at all. Who can help me?

    Thanks a lot!

    • I tried vista ultimate (retail version with latest windows updates) and it works fine for me (KeePass 1.06 and KeeForm 1.06).

    • I too am experiancing a problem with KeeForm not working with Vista Basic. It does not even try to autotype username / password on to websites. It acts as if KeeForm does not exsit. Is there an issue with Vista Basic and KeeForm?


    • KeeForm


      Vista should theoretically work. I can not verify or fix it, because I have not purchased/installed Vista yet.

      I heard Vista is more secure, may be Windows defender or the User account control could be the problem. Obviously opening Internet Explorer and entering data would be considered as a security risk (but of course KeeForm is safe :-)


    • Koolmees

      When you're right an important reason for using Keepass/Keeform has gone.....

    • Not necessarily. It would just mean that there might be an additional step to configure Vista security settings to enable KeePass/KeeForm.

      But before we come to any conclusions, could somebody test/verify this (disable Defender UAC etc.)?

    • If you have UAC enabled and protected mode enabled in IE7 (which is the default in Windows Vista), you have to run KeePass as an Administrator for KeeForm to work in the program.

      1) Right-Click on the KeePass shortcut and choose Properties.
      2) Click the Advanced button.
      3) Check 'Run as administrator'.
      4) Click Ok twice.

      KeeForm should now run fine in KeePass.

      - Justin

      • Having no luck. I also tried disabling UAC and windows defender, but still did not work. I have tried everything I know to do. Its puzzling. Before going to windows Vista I was using XP and had no problem with keeform working in keepass.

    • John L. Galt
      John L. Galt

      Another potential solution (thought this might be a bit more involved in the beginning) would be to try this sort of set up:

      Disable protected mode ***for trusted sites only****
      Add every site that you use with KeePass / KeeForm to your trusted sites list.

      Of course running KeePass as admin will be a lot easier for most people, especially those with large databases, but that means for ever on end having to accept UAC prompts when running the program with elevated privileges.  OTOH, if the sites are in trusted sites, and trusted sites are not running in protected mode (and quite possibly there needs an additional setting in the advanced settings tab of Internet Options, I'll check on it to make sure), then you won't have to be prompted to run KeePass with elevated privileges.

      For those opting for running KeePass elevated, you can make it permanent, by navigating to wherever you have KeePass.exe installed, right-clicking it, and selecting the compatibility tab - check Run as Administrator (and if you want it / need it for every one, then use the All Users button to make it Run as Admin for all users, which, after accepting, should prompt its *own* UAC privilege elevation request).

      Dave, will this be occurring only because of the fact that KeeForm is interacting with KeePass?  The reason I ask is that I don't use KeeForm, but do use KeePass - and I have had no such issues with Vista / IE 7 / Fx / Opera at all....

    • John L. Galt
      John L. Galt

      Disabling UAC by itself will not help KeeForm work - UAC only provides you with an interface for letting you know that a program is asking for elevated privileges.  UAC does *NOT* prevent KeeForm from running - in practice, on Vista Machines with IE 7's protected mode turned on, *that* is what prevents KeeForm from working - protected mode is known in programming circles all around as 'a sandbox' - a completely (theoretically) separate instance of IE running independently and able to easily shut itself down (or allow you to shut it down) if illegal activity is detected.

      This protected mode is a great thing - except for the fact that M$ has spoiled its users by not having implemented it in the past, so most users are not used to it.  To make KeeForm work on Vista, one of 2 things needs to be done.

      1)  As I mentioned above (and as the poster right after me repeated) run KeePass (not KeeForm, but  **KEEPASS**) as admin.  Again, disabling UAC will only prevent you from getting the prompts that KeePass is using admin privileges (I highly recommend that you do *not* disable UAC - it is there for your protection)

      2)  Disable Protected Mode - Again, this is a safety feature and I highly recommend that you do not do this.

      3)  Disable Protected mode for ***TRUSTED SITES*** and add any site that you have stored in KeePass as a regularly visited site to your Trusted Sites list.  This is the easiest and most secure method to ensure your computer is well protected and yet still works.  Granted, you'll have some manual set up to do if you have a lot of sites in KeePass, but, hey, you had a lot of set up to begin with when you first started using KeePass, and every time you add a site you still have to do it manually, so it should not be that big a deal....

    • I have vista 32 ultimate and have had no problem.

    • John L. Galt
      John L. Galt

      no problem at all using Kee*FORM*?  did you turn off UAC?  Is KeePass running as admin?