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Remote Desktop and autotype? How?

Eef N
  • Eef N
    Eef N

    When I use the global auto type key in the RD logon window it places a á in stead of username/password, it doesn't recognize the global key.
    How to configure this? Any suggestions are very welcome!

    • Paul

      I use it with RD/Term server all the time and it never misses a beat - well, almost never. The trick is to bring KeePass up, select the entry and Perform Auto-Type. Using GAT in RD passes the keys to the RD session, not the local machine.

      cheers, Paul

    • orion1024

      You can also configure RDP client to send all shortcuts to your desktop, not the remote server.
      This way you can use GAT.

      ALT-TAB and such will be directed to your desktop as well, but in my case is a small inconvenience as I use RDP on a lot of systems with each different passwords.

      Using GAT is way faster than opening Keepass each time and looking for the entry, then select it, then choose Auto-Type.

  • ctdreamin

    GAT? What is GAT? Sorry, new to KeePass, so far no matter what I try fails.